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Custom Bicycle Refinishing

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*We are not currently accepting new orders, but will update asap.

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About Joe Bell

"I had the unique pleasure of riding with JB and San Diego frame builder Bill Holland some years ago when they came to Italy for Bill’s 50th birthday celebration. Both fantastic people and fine bike riders, JB is as funny as he brilliant. I have a 1972 Masi Gran Criterium that he rehabbed and re-painted so I can fully appreciate his artisanship. That bike looks as good today, at least 14 years later, as it did the day it left his workshop. Minus a few small chips in the paint from riding it at the Eroica a few too many times". — Mark Maremma, January 2014

Not Just Paint

If your frame needs more than just a cosmetic makeover, we can also perform whatever modifications or repairs you request. We share our shop with custom framebuilder Bill Holland, and we can handle anything from water bosses, to rechroming, all the way up to complete tube replacement.


Order your Signature Finish.

Our Signature Finish provides you with the finest work available. It begins with chemical stripping of the old finish and low pressure powder blasting to remove rust and paint residue. The frame is then carefully inspected for defects or cracks before epoxy chromate primer is applied. Extra time is spent repairing dents, rust and other surface imperfections. After re-priming and careful hand sanding, polyurethane enamel color coats are applied, decals installed (if desired) and clear coats generously laid on with additional coats over decal areas. After curing in an oven, a careful hand sanding yields a perfect surface with decals smooth to the touch. This surface allows the final clear coats to flow out for the ultimate in depth and gloss. The frame is re-cured in the oven to ensure maximum durability and toughness before final inspection.


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